Michael Fessler

MICHAEL FESSLER is a writer, speaker, and the author of three books, including the bestsellers Faith and Wrestling and The Wrestler.

As revealed in his books, Michael has a passion for both the sport of wrestling and the life of faith. His message of “faith and wrestling” has brought him to speaking events and clinics around the country. Michael is dedicated to helping grow the sport of wrestling and his message is one that has provided a powerful and unique means by which to enable the greatest sport on earth to find importance and relevance in today’s world.

Michael resides in Minnesota with his wife and three children. He was an accomplished wrestler early in his life, earning two state titles and All-American honors in high school. He acquired his BA in Biblical and Theological Studies from Bethel University, and an MA in Communications from Concordia University – Saint Paul. After a serving a short time as a pastor, Michael found his calling in the art and discipline of writing. Michael’s work has made headlines on wrestling’s biggest platforms, such as Intermat, TheMat.com, and Takedown Radio.

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