Why Wrestling

Help Raise America’s Greatest Generation

Life is hard.  Wrestling prepares you for the challenge.

It’s a fact of life.  Adversity is guaranteed.  It’s how we respond to these challenges that makes the difference.  Wrestling instills the values of courage, hard work, discipline, perseverance and humility. It forges character that lasts a lifetime and trains people to triumph over trials.  This is the promise that wrestling delivers to our next generation.

Wrestling Is...


Wrestling gives our youth the tools necessary to reach their full potential – physical fitness, healthy nutrition habits, mental toughness, and character that lasts a lifetime.


Wrestling is a sport with many faces. No matter your size, shape, gender, capabilities or socio-economic status, wrestling opens the door for all youth to flourish in sports and in life.


Wrestling provides opportunities for cultural exchange, allowing us to share our values and connect with the global community.