What We Do


Team USA

USWF supports the Olympic and National teams and the development of youth and high school wrestling through training, international travel, coaching support and resident athlete programs to grow men’s and women’s Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling across the country.

National Wrestling Hall of Fame

USWF helps the National Wrestling Hall of Fame create outreach programs to communicate wrestling values, extend the wrestling identity and unify all that have wrestled.

Beat the Streets Program

USWF has helped launch new Beat the Streets programs and grow existing ones that serve inner city youth and families.

National Wrestling Coaches Association

USWF supports the National Wrestling Coaches Association by funding new college wrestling programs.

College Wrestling Programs

  • Queens University (NC) – Olympic wrestler and 3x NCAA All-American Ken Chertow will coach this new NCAA DII team in North Carolina.
  • Penn State-Behrend (PA) – This is the first time in 38 years that Behrend will field a wrestling team.  The Lions compete in NCAA DIII.

  • New England College (NH) – The Pilgrims become only the second college team in New Hampshire to have a varsity wrestling team and will wrestle in the NCAA DIII.

  • Henry Ford College (MI) – The NWCA continues to be a great platform to start wrestling clubs and develop them to move to a varsity sport and will compete in the NJCCA.
  • Fresno State (CA) – The first Division I wrestling team to be reinstated since Bucknell University and Binghamton University in 2006.

  • Olivet College (MI) – This NCAA Division III college is adding a regional training center to provide more opportunities for Greco-Roman training and is recruiting athletes to compete at the senior level for the 2016-2017 season.

  • Muhlenberg College (PA) – Muhlenberg moves its coaching position to full-time at the NCAA Division III level.

  • Bellamarine University (KY) – The addition of wrestling makes this the 60th college team competing in Division II – and as the seventh member in the Great Lakes Valley Conference, it’s qualified to sponsor a conference championship.

  • Benedictine College (KS) –This Catholic college competes in the NAIA.

  • Southeastern University (FL) – The first four-year college wrestling program in Florida in 30 years fielded a men’s team in the NAIA in 2015.

  • St. Catherine College (KY) – The men’s team began competing in the NAIA several seasons ago and launched its counterpart, the women’s team, in 2015.

  • Life University (GA) – After debuting the men’s team several seasons ago, the Running Eagles are introducing the first women’s college wrestling team in the Southeast US, competing in the NAIA.

  • Ottawa University (KS) – The Braves recently added new men’s and women’s wrestling teams to the NAIA, with the latter becoming the first and only four-year program in Kansas.

  • Adrian College (MI) – Both men’s and women’s teams were introduced for the 2015-2016 season.

  • Warner Pacific (OR) – Welcome back to the Knights men’s wrestling team for the first time since 1975. And congratulations to the fifteenth women’s team in the NAIA, which officially established women’s wrestling as an NAIA-recognized sport.

  • Williams Baptist (AR) – Coming from one of the fastest-growing states for wrestling, with multiple new college teams, the Eagles will compete in the NAIA’s American Midwest Conference.

  • Huntington (AL) – The Hawks now compete in NCAA Division III, as the nation’s 100th new varsity intercollegiate wrestling program since 2001 and the first NCAA wrestling program in Alabama in over 30 years.

  • Lyon College (AR) – One of only five Arkansas colleges that offer wrestling, and the first women’s program in the state, the Scots will compete in the NAIA.