June 22, 2023

Wrestling Changes Lives Awards – Tell Us Your Story

Every year, wrestling graduates a new group of seniors who are looking to take on their next challenge and having been trained by wrestling, are ready for it.

The U.S. Wrestling Foundation wants to help share these stories through the Wrestling Changes Lives Awards.

“It’s become quite evident that people with a wrestling background achieve at a high level at something else later in life.  We want to communicate that story early in the development of our youth.  Pursuing big dreams is core to the wrestling experience,” said Jeff Waters, Chairman of the U.S. Wrestling Foundation.

“There’s also a redemptive aspect of wrestling that motivates wrestlers to change things about themselves, establish good habits and respond positively to challenges.  Hopefully, these awards will help kids focus on the process of wrestling and recognize those pursuing their next goal.

The awards give the opportunity to wrestlers to tell their story of how wrestling changed their life and prepared them for what comes next.  Awards of $1,000 are given for the best video in each of seven different categories.

  • Girls – Female wrestlers who have experienced personal growth applying the disciplines learned through wrestling.
  • Overcome Adversity – Students that have used the disciplines learned through wrestling as a means to overcome significant challenges.
  • Multi-sport Athletes – Wrestlers who achieved a goal in another sport using the disciplines learned through wrestling.
  • Military Service – Wrestlers who have enlisted in any branch of the U.S. military and can attest to how wrestling prepared them for the challenge.
  • College-bound Students – Students who have been accepted to a college, university or military academy and can articulate how wrestling prepared them for the rigors of their academic career.
  • Wrestle in College – Wrestlers who will join the wrestling team at their college, university or military academy at any level and can identify how wrestling will help them continue to grow when the commitment, workload and stakes are higher.
  • Entering the Workforce – Wrestlers who are pursuing their career or starting a business using the disciplines learned in wrestling.

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